About Us

Every American is protected by a bill of universal rights under the U.S. Constitution. Good & Common was created to help people learn more about what their rights are and how to exercise them.

Good & Common provides resources related to a variety of legal topics, from protesting to immigration to safely interacting with police. In doing so, we hope to support a nation of Americans who are able to understand how to avoid harmful situations and advocate for their community.

Good & Common is led by DeWitt Lacy, a civil rights attorney and Partner with Burris Nisenbaum Curry & Lacy, who has been practicing law in the District and Superior Courts of California for over a decade. DeWitt’s career is framed by successful prosecutions of law enforcement in cases involving civil rights violations.

DeWitt Lacy, Founder

DeWitt Lacy is a Civil Rights attorney from Southern California who has been practicing civil rights law for over a decade. His work spans across the Southern District Courts of California and all Superior Courts of California. 

DeWitt has successfully prosecuted wrongful death actions and civil rights violations against San Francisco, Vallejo, Santa Clara, Waste Management, Inc., and Hayward. DeWitt is constantly working across various cases to assure victims receive justice for the wrongful death of their family members at the hands of the Police departments across the state. 

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